Ironfit Seated row with double andles ST-5002B

Ironfit Compact

Ironfit Compact series seated row with two separate handles. Separate pull handles that are independent of each other enable the movement to be performed either with one hand at a time, simultaneously or alternately. The output of the handles is articulated to move freely, so that movements can also be performed with a side pull. For example, to adjust the back shoulders for lever lifting.

The machine can also be used for normal row movements with the included attachment, which connects the cables of the handles to each other, and in this case normal traction handles can be connected to the device, such as a V-handle.

It is therefore possible to perform dozens of movement variations on the device.

Product properties




190 cm


75 cm


228 cm

Weight stack

120 kg


160 kg


In Finland according to the European SFS-EN 957-2 standards

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