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- Ironfit Oy is one of the Strongest in Finland and an important part of our society

The Finnish Labor Union has granted the right to use the key ticket

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Briefly about the company

Ironfit Oy was founded in 2010 and manufactures gym equipment in Finland. In addition to the Ironfit equipment brands, we also manufacture Normann gym equipment, the roots of which go back to 1984. Normann is currently sold as a model series Ironfit Compact. Ironfit Oy offers a versatile selection of gym equipment collections and accessories for different spaces and needs. All devices are manufactured for public use and comply with EU regulations. We invest in quality, safety and ergonomics, so our selection includes the best devices on the market, both in terms of operating characteristics and durability.

Ironfit Oy’s operations and production facilities are located in Heinola, about 120 kilometers north of Helsinki. The immediate proximity of Valtatie 4 enables fast deliveries all over Finland. The Show Room is also located here, where customers have the opportunity to try out the equipment before making a purchase decision.