We offer financing in different forms according to the needs of our customers. We can offer partial payment split into a few installments or using the Leasing form of financing for a longer period.

Let's discuss and see which option is right for you.

Information about Leasing financing

Leasing gym equipment is a really good way to keep gym equipment up-to-date without tying up a large amount of capital at once and to distribute the cost appropriately in relation to the monthly cash flow. This is suitable for the purchase of a single piece of equipment as well as for furnishing an entire gym.

How to get started?

Tell us what you are interested in acquiring with leasing financing
We apply for a credit decision and deliver the contract papers to you
The customer’s task is only to sign the contract
After that, we will deliver the products to you


For leasing financing, we use an external financial institution and the calculations are indicative and based on its current interest rates.

For each customer, we apply for a credit decision from the financial institution, and the decision is generally received during the same day.

We only offer leasing in Finland.