Ironfit Hip thruster D2012

Ironfit Heavy Duty

A machine developed for exercising the gluteal muscles, with which training can be safely pushed to the limit.

A chunky hip lifter that fits users of all sizes thanks to versatile adjustments. The device is easy to use and the user can only focus on the exercise itself and trust that the device will take care of an optimally adaptive trajectory. This is made possible by the articulated lifting cushion, which can adapt to the changes required by the movement throughout the range of motion.

The adjustment of the starting position takes place naturally when the user sits in the device and can choose the appropriate degree of stretch from the wide adjustment fork, and when leaving the machine, the gas spring calmly raises the cushion to the upper position. The backrest also adapts to the movement thanks to the joint throughout the entire range of motion.


Product properties




175 cm


130 cm


124 cm


In Finland according to the European SFS-EN 957-2 standards

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