ironfit Chest press ST-1002

Ironfit Compact

Ironfit Compact series chest press with pre-load lever and dual axis. The chest press is equipped with an adjustable backrest and seat. with the helpers that can be pressed with the feet, the starting position is forward, which makes it easier to start the exercise and the range of motion itself can be kept long. The range of motion starts from the sides with a stretch and ends at a suitable angle almost at the end position, which gives the muscle a good final contraction. The handles have two grip directions, and by choosing a horizontal grip, the movement is focused on the pectoral muscles, and with a vertical grip, more on the extensor muscles.


Product properties




140 cm


145 cm


180 cm


255 kg

Weight stack

120 kg


Seat adjustment and backrest adjustment


In Finland according to the European SFS-EN 957-2 standards


160 kg weight stack

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