Ironfit Leg Press D2000

Ironfit Heavy Duty

A hefty leg press that never runs out of capacity. leg press has an adjustable footplate and backrest. The foot plate is adjusted with a strong lever, which is located above the foot plate and the adjustment is stepless, so it is easy for the user to find the angle that suits him. The backrest adjustment is under the backrest and the adjustment area is wide. The adjustment is made easier by the built-in handle behind the backrest.

The leg press has four weight pins, onto which weights can be loaded. The structural strength enables large operating capacities.

The foot plate is massive and it is easy for everyone to find the desired leg position, from the sumo press to the centralized forearm press position. The foot plate also enables calf muscles to be trained for this purpose with a slightly folded lower part of the foot plate. The dimensions of the footboard are height 75 cm and width 115 cm. The foot plate has a handle on the upper edge of the plate made to facilitate access to the device.

Product properties






160 cm


150 cm


360 kg

Foot plate

Wight 100kg 115 x 75cm


Stepless adjustment of the foot plate. Backrest adjustment


In Finland according to the European SFS-EN 957-2 standards

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