Ironfit Counterweight Smith Machine D2020B

Ironfit Heavy Duty

The Ironfit Smith machine with a counterweight is made of high-quality parts and the frame thickness is 4mm. This guarantees safe and supportive training even with maximum loads. The Smith device has adjustable safety bars and the lifting height starts almost at the normal plate bar height, i.e. 25.5 cm, which enables pull-ups and welds without platforms. The weight of the bar without load is 10 kg.

The counterweight of the Smith device can be disabled with a quick quick release, so the weight of the bar is 30 kg.

The device has 4 racks for plate weights.

Product properties


160 cm


220 cm


228 cm

Inner width

120,5 cm

Bar grip width

116,5 cm

Bar weight with counterweight

10 kg

Lowest lift height

25,5 cm


In Finland according to the European SFS-EN 957-2 standards

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