Ironfit MULTI STATION with cable crossover HD9006

Ironfit Heavy Duty

Ironfit Multi Station is a Finnish craft whit five different stations are available at the same time. The positions in the device are the pulldown, with a height-adjustable footrest. Seated Row with a seat and a wide footrest. A height-adjustable cable crossover that enables movements from the desired height from the bottom of the device to the top and in between with an easy-to-use adjustment method. Pulley for triceps with a backrest on the support posts of the machine. The weight stacks of the device are 120 kg in three positions and 80 kg in the triceps pulley position. Thus, even the most experienced user does not run out of weights. The weights stack can be adjusted in 5 kg increments, making it easy to find a suitable resistance for everyone.

Pulldown ad low row stations are also possible with 160 kg and 200kg weight stacks.


The frame beams have 4 mm wall thickness and 100 x 50 mm and 50 x 50 mm outer dimensions. Down to the smallest details, the equipment is made to withstand continuous use in a gym environment.



Product properties




600 cm


235 cm


350 cm

Weight stack

80kg ja 120 kg


160kg ja 200kg


In Finland according to the European SFS-EN 957-2 standards

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