Ironfit Sissy squat machine D2011

Ironfit Heavy Duty

High-quality sissy squat machine.

A device developed for training the thigh muscles, with which training can be safely pushed to the limit. The adjustment of the footrest is easily done while in the device, so the user can adjust the settings right away, and therefore does not have to leave the device for the time of adjustment. At the same time, the adjustment handles are a safety factor that can be used for support when strength wanes or you want to lighten the ascent phase.

The sissy squat is also designed to be used with additional loads, such as a plate weight or a plate bar. Additional loads can be placed on the device in places designed for them, which are located immediately within reach of the user’s hands in the initial state of the training position. There are also pegs for resistance bands on the back of the device, so resistance band training can also be done with the same device.

The sissy squat device is made of high-quality and strong materials for a gym environment.


Product properties




137 cm


77 cm


143 cm


In Finland according to the European SFS-EN 957-2 standards

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